Pagan Prison Ministry

The primary focus of the Church of Ildanach-ATC is to provide continued spiritual support within the State Prison System in New Hampshire, with an eye on the future of expanding to other New England States. Since 1995, inmates in the New Hampshire State Prison System have requested and successfully responded to support in ritual, spiritual counseling in the moral pathways of personal responsibility, as presented through Wicca, education, and eventually reintegration into the community. Our church is an open door for parolees. Participating inmates have stated their spiritual mission as follows: "We have attempted to foster an innovative, organic and spiritual organization. We hope to inspire individuals to resolve causes of conflict, overcome individual beliefs, differences, and misunderstandings. We know that prejudges and issues of equality face those of the pagan faiths in all walks of life-including prison. Positive communication, courage and acceptance are necessary if we are to overcome the personal and spiritual destructive assumptions and perceptions that exist in mostly every aspect of today's society towards both inmate and those of the pagan paths." Several inmates from the Wiccan/Pagan groups have succeeded thru parole without violation.